About the Artist
Lolet Boutté is the first born of ten artistic, gifted siblings that cover every spectrum of creativity including visual artists, vocal artists, filmmakers, photographers, TV producers and top-notch financial experts and advisors.
Her parents were avid readers and encouraged reading to the children at a young age. At three years old, Lolet was allowed to draw in their large Book Club collection, “as long it was in the blank spaces and not on the words.” This strong base of encouragement and school awards in the arts resulted in Lolet graduating from Xavier University of New Orleans with a B.A. in Fine Arts. Her first successful sale was made at her Senior Exhibit just before graduating. The piece was titled “Guitar Player,” a block print on stained rice paper, purchased by a N.Y. State Representative who was the commencement speaker.

Boutté’s craftsmanship, under the early tutelage of her grandmother, resulted in her working as a graphic artist with several government contract companies at NASA Louisiana for 17+ years. As “side inspiration,” she kept her creative juices flowing by doing commissions, costume designs, inspired whimsy and teaching traditional Mardi Gras Indian beading.

 Lolet Boutté put her art on hold after the flood in New Orleans had destroyed almost all of her original works but, with the encouragement of living in the Elder Street Artist Lofts in Houston and being surrounded by wonderful people, she “collected” her inspiration and returned home to New Orleans to live among another group of inspiring young and senior artists and musicians.

No “style” can be attached to her works because she studied “Liberal Arts” and believes that’s the green light to be liberal in her individual pieces. She has a deep love for pen & ink, gets into personal mythology if she uses an airbrush, always feels a challenge when using colors and may be working on a piece of tree, an old roof shingle or beading a mysterious face.

Her pieces make you ask questions and she’ll answer most but, she won’t tell you how to FEEL about what you see or touch in her art. She wants to hear that from you.